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OIA posted about the correct information about winter dormitory
Dear all international students,
Dormitory gave me the wrong information of accommodation application in 2016 winter vacation before, and I have found their correct announcement. the following will be the correct announcement and the latest news, please kindly check it below:
Dear NDHU student: Very kindly to note the Winter Vacation Dormitory Application, please read it carefully.
1.The application period :12:00 Dec 18th 2015〜 12:00 Dec 28th 2015
2. Website:
3.Process Login and fill in--Print and sign--Visit to Office Of Student Dormitory(with the compled application form)
4.Period Of Accommodation: 17:00 Jan 14th 〜10:00 Feb 17th 2016
5.Chinese New Year: Feb 6th 〜Feb 12th 2016(All need to go home except international student)
6. Application Result:12:00 Dec 31th 2015(check on website).
7.Payment Period: Dec 31th 2015 to Jan 14th 2016,and need to bring the receipt to the dormitory manager when you check in.
Tel:03-8632222 Miss Lin Regards Section of Student Dormitory Service,r779-1.php
If you have questions or problems regarding to the regulations or details, please directly contact to Miss Lin, thank you for cooperation.
Harry Chen
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