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Fall 2012 Course List

Master Program (Fall 2012) 

Course Number Time Course Title(English)
CP__M004AA /Mon 2/Mon 3 Independent Study (I)
CP__M004AB /Mon 2/Mon 3 Independent Study (I)
CP__M012AA /Tue 2/Tue 3 Independent Study (III)
CP__M012AB /Tue 2/Tue 3 Independent Study (III)
CP__M0020 /Wed 4/Wed 5/Wed 6 Special Topics in Drug Addiction and Prevention
CP__M0030 /Thu 9/Thu 10/Thu 11 Theory and Practice in Counseling and Psychotherapy
CP__M0060 /Wed 9/Wed 10/Wed 11 Advanced Physiological Psychology
CP__M0090 /Tue 4/Tue 5/Tue 6 The indigenization of psychology in non-western societies
CP__M0100 /Thu 4/Thu 5/Thu 6 Special Topics in Abnormal Psychology
CP__M0130 /Fri 4/Fri 5/Fri 6/Fri 8/Fri 9/Fri 10 Practicum

Bachelor Program (Fall 2012)

Course Number Time Course Title(English)
CP__B0010 /Thu 4/Thu 5/Thu 6 Introduction to Clinical and counseling Psychology
CP__B0020 /Mon 10/Mon 11/Mon 12 General Psychology(I)
CP__B0030 /Tue 4/Tue 5/Tue 6 Psychological Statistics(I)
CP__B0070 /Mon 10/Mon 11/Mon 12 Psychological Testing
CP__B0080 /Thu 9/Thu 10/Thu 11 Developmental Psychology
CP__B0090 /Fri 9/Fri 10/Fri 11 Personality Psychology
CP__B0100 /Tue 9/Tue 10/Tue 11 Theory and Technique of Counseling
CP__B0120 /Tue 4/Tue 5/Tue 6 Cognitive Psychology

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