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I am Foreign/international student, can I work as counseling psychologist / clinical psychologist in Taiwan after I graduated from NDHU ?
Can, but not at all. You should first obtained and passed the examination of counseling psychologist / clinical psychologist.

Examination information, please read :,r2236-1.php

Law and Regulation of Taiwan, please read :

Article 27 A foreigner to be employed to engage in healthcare in a medical institution to shall qualify for one of the following:
1. A physician who has obtained a medical professional certificate issued by any of the concerned central governing authorities, traditional Chinese medical practitioner, dentist, pharmacist, medical technologist, medical radiation technologist, physical therapist, licensed nurse, nutrition specialist, clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist, respiratory therapist, speech pathologist, dental technician, licensed midwife, an occupational therapist, or audiologist; 
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